I Already Knew That

15 07 2012

Colorado Springs

I already knew Obama was an outsourcing hypocrite.  During the auto company bailout, i.e. the custom bankruptcy path, GMAC outsourced white collar jobs from Michigan to India, right under Obama’s nose, or rather, with his countenance, or at least without his protest.

So the news that an Obamaite is responsible for the formal wear for American Olympic athletes at the London games being manufactured in China is not surprising.

Why won’t you hear much outrage from the Democrat-left, other than partisanism?  Because if they were made in America, they would probably be made where the last remnants of the American textile industry resides, that is, South Carolina, a red state.




One response

15 07 2012
r j p (@seedymedia)

The donor (RL) had to know this would happen.

And even more offensive is the large logo on the outside.

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