Sunday Wrap-Up

15 07 2012

Another business trip this week.  Probably my only posting will be very early in the morning and late at night during the week upcoming.


*  “Police are trying to determine if the fatal shootings of two men found on the same block within 12 hours were connected.”


History of the only populated part of the state of Illinois west of the Mississippi River.

History of the only major battle of the War for American Independence that took place west of the Mississippi River, in territory that wouldn’t technically be American territory for another 23 years.

St. Louis never was threatened by foreign attack again.”

Maybe not.  But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

A business is moving into ESL.  Must not be much of a business.

Somebody is going to Radio Shack, at least.  It’s been a long time since I was in one.

Reason Mag covers Joplin.  I wish they would have covered race — That makes all the difference.


I tend to believe Politico’s theory, that the Condi Rice trial balloon was a Romney-Drudge attempt to sandbag the news cycle after the NAACP debacle and lingering Bain questions/history.  That said, this means that Romney didn’t interpret him getting booed at the NAACP to be a success, which flies in the face of the fashionable theory that he wanted to get booed.

Do you think CPS principals and assistant principals could afford lunch for their own kids?

Yet another shoe of ObamaCare that will eventually drop — H-1B, and India (dot, not feathers).

Rush thinks CNN will go hard left and go head-to-head with MSNBC in stiff competition for its viewer.

CNN asks, why are DC mayors so corrupt?

They have to ask?  And they wonder why they have no ratings.

*  “There’s no one to help us as citizens.”  Well, when your citizens have names like Reginald Reynolds-X, you’re beyond help.

I feel sorry for this victim.  But does she really think there is any honor among Bellcurviuses?

*  “Massachusetts man.”  Funny, he doesn’t look anything like Ted Kennedy or Dapper O’Neil.

The reason why provisions found in legislative packages like Arizona SB 1070 (the parts that survived SCOTUS, anyway) are so popular is because most people assume that they already existed and were enforced.

To ask someone, “Would one like to see their own police be able to check immigration status during routine traffic stops?” is as insightful as asking, “should water consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom per molecule and be liquid from 32 to 212 degrees at sea level atmospheric pressure?”

Well, this one broke through Godwin’s Law in a hurry.

The suspect is 20 years old and has 11 prior arrests.  That a 20-year old with 11 prior arrests was even out walking around should be cause for concern.

*  “Malcolm X Boulevard.”  The news can’t be anything good.  BTW, isn’t 3 a little old for the stroller?

Guess whose hands were caught in the Swiss bank jar.

Charlie Brown’s teacher is also invested in India’s state bank, which means we can really trust her on the outsourcing issue.  Unless we can’t.

AAPL hoists itself on the petard it helped build.

I.  Love.  It.

Islam is subject to a whole lot of misinterpretation, so it seems.  Nobody not of it interprets it correctly, and most Muslims don’t even get it right.  That’s the canard they haul out every time one of the Religion of Peacers is caught with his hand in the explosives jar, that they’re “misunderstanding” Islam by committing terrorism in its name.

Uh, yeah.

People aren’t “Digging” it any more.  I used to submit all my blog posts to Digg, then some dickhead lib bitched that I was spamming, and that was that.

I remember a mainstream magazine opining awhile back that Slashdot is dead, Digg is where it’s at.  How’d that work out?

“Comforting the bereaved” with five- and six-dollar cups of coffee.  Okay.

*  I think Sarah Palin jumped the shark a long time ago.  But the few of you not already convinced….Proof.

*  A former President whose Presidency was borked by violating a “no new taxes” pledge is none too happy with the number one engineer of “no new taxes” pledges?  You don’t say, genius.

I think pledges are poor substitutes for actual records and credibility, and that Norquist is a Muslim-panderer putz.  But that’s another issue.

*  “Fled the country.”  “Guatemalan.”  “Groundskeeper.”  “The Hamptons.”

It all makes sense.

*  Rick Scott and Eric Holder in a stare-off.  Holder blinked.

The San Bernardino razzle dazzle has already begun.  The full court media press to find a distraction or diversion to keep people from thinking about the real causes about SB’s bankruptcy has commenced.

Who didn’t predict this?  I would rather run around campus smelling repulsive than shower in those rooms knowing what went on in there.  And I’m ordinarily the antithesis of superstitious.  In related news…


*  Remember all those “stiff” prison sentences given to the London rioters?

A large number of young men and women are still in prison serving sentences for crimes committed during last year’s unrest, but they will soon be released. Hundreds are already out.

Not even a year, in some cases.

*  “Canadian players.”  Funny, they show us pictures of six “Canadian” players, but I only see one.

*  Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Iran…Sounds like a mess we shouldn’t touch with a 10,000-mile pole.

*  I’ve heard of “sack dresses,” but this is ridiculous.  You know me, I’m no fan of blacks.  But this is…just…too much…arrogant beyond comprehension.


Ten other drivers saw Bustin Jieber doing a breakneck pace.

Funny, this doesn’t say those other drivers reported paparazzi chasing after him at that same breakneck speed.

*  “Tree Rings.”  I hope they used more than three trees.

Look at the chart above the tree ring.  Remember, most of that occurred before the burning of fossil fuels.

Gun porn.  Though I think they’re a tad over-dressed.

*  The Olympics start in less than two weeks, so now is a good time to see some “Before and After” photos of the Beijing venues.




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