The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

15 07 2012

Jackson, Georgia

This goes into the debate over “preponderance of the evidence” versus “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

All that is irrelevant.  A 70 IQ isn’t enough to do a differential equation, but it is enough to be able to know right from wrong instinctively.  The average IQ of “pure” black Africans is about that — Are we to say that the typical black African can never grok right from wrong?

If you want a contradiction, then let me lay this on you:  They’re trying to get him out of the sparky chair because his IQ is supposedly too low (I thought IQ didn’t matter) to understand right from wrong.  But they don’t want him freed from prison, they want his sentence reduced to life.  If he was too dumb to know right from wrong such that he can’t get the death penalty, then the same should apply to any criminal punishment.  Notice he was already in prison for a murder, and if he was too dumb to grok right from wrong when he killed another inmate, he was also that dumb at the point in the past when he murdered whoever it was he murdered to get sent to prison in the first place.  This article doesn’t say that his “low IQ” came up in his first murder trial.

Yes, her beautiful voice.




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