“He Was Only Trying to Knock Him Out.”

18 07 2012


It’s official.  The Mora murder was Knockout Martin Luther King.

Earth to the the father of one of the suspects:  Thank you for making the ASA’s work a lot easier.




3 responses

19 07 2012
r j p (@seedymedia)

Maybe I should make this weekend an unamused weekend.

19 07 2012

Download Unamusement Park’s radio interview, and you’re all set.

20 07 2012
Stun Guns For Women

One of the biggest issues we have in our society is crimes against women. One of the best ways for women to combat this problem is to be serious about self defense. Women have to learn to be aware. They can do things like take self defense classes or carry non-lethal weapons for self defense.

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