It’s Called Inference, Peter

18 07 2012

Orszag, writing in Bloomberg:

How Summer Is Making U.S. Kids Dumber and Fatter


Consider, first, the evidence for the summer fade effect. Taken together, a variety of studies indicate that students’ academic skills atrophy during the summer months by an amount equivalent to what they learn in a third of a school year, according to a review by Harris Cooper, a professor of education at Duke University, and several co-authors.

This deterioration, furthermore, varies substantially by income and race, and its impact persists even past childhood. Barbara Heyns, a sociologist at New York University who studied Atlanta schoolchildren in the late 1970s, found that although academic gains during the school year were not substantially correlated with income, summer decline was.

Subsequent studies have replicated the finding. Karl Alexander, Doris Entwisle and Linda Olson of Johns Hopkins University, for example, found that the summer fade can largely explain why the gap in skills between children on either side of the socioeconomic divide widens as students progress through elementary school. Children from all backgrounds learn at similar rates during the school year, but each summer students of high socioeconomic status continue to learn while those of low socioeconomic status fall behind.

The impact is felt even years later. The learning differences that begin in grade school “substantially account” for differences by socioeconomic status in high-school graduation rates and in four-year college attendance, Alexander and his co-authors report.

Now we have a brand spanking new excuse to explain the achievement gap divert attention away from racial differences in IQ.  We’re supposed to believe that NAMs learn just as well as W&A during the year, but NAMs forget quicker than W&A during the summer.  And this is supposed to be a cascading effect that can explain everything wrong with NAM educational failure through high school.

I infer that those who forget something really quickly never really learned or grokked it to begin with.




2 responses

18 07 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

Sigh. This will be used as another excuse to pour $$ — a lot of it — into year round school for blacks and browns.

I’ve been convinced for years that the idiots that work in ivory towers and think tanks who come up with these pompous, silly excuses for black and brown failure well know that there are REAL, intractable racial difference in IQ. BUT, there is a LOT of $$ — and prestige, honors and awards for coming up with excuses and programs — that they KNOW will fail — to close the achievement gap — the more excuses, the more programs, the more $$ — without end and in perpetuity.

Nice racket they’ve got going, isn’t it?

And, of course, the educational theorists and loud mouthed pundits are never, ever held accountable when program after program fail — it’s always the fault of inadequate teachers, old textbooks, run down schools — or, as always, White racism is to blame!!

But there may be a hidden agenda in all of this — to keep feral browns and blacks OFF of the street for as long and as much as possible to reduce crime rates — and flash mobs, attacks on innocent Whites, destruction of public pools and amusement parks — see, it’s good for businesses and community safety!!

Tell the Ben BerNACH to fire up the monetary printing presses!!! — because that’s going to be the ONLY way the government is going to be able to pay for more school time for low IQd blacks and browns.


19 07 2012

Nice racket they’ve got going, isn’t it?

I’d be a rich man if I could lower myself to promote inaccuracies from which I would personally profit from doing so. The whole race racket is theft by deception.

The current school day here in Chicago is about 5 hours 30 minutes …. and people wonder why we turn out the geniuses we do? The CTU wants a 35% raise over the next 4 years because they are trying to lengthen the school day ….. meanwhile CPS is already in the hole $700 million. I walk past CPS headquarters every day on my walk home. Nearly every car parked on the street around it belongs to a CPS employee and nearly all of them have handicap placards, handicapped cars get free meter parking in Chicago. Some true public serpents …..

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