Eric Cantor Moved to Chicago

26 07 2012

Batavia, Illinois

A secret squirrel source sent this to me via e-mail:

It was originally in PDF format, but I converted it to JPG.  Click on the image for higher resolution.

Eric Cantor lives in Richmond, Virginia.  So why is something called “Cantor for Congress” based in Batavia, Illinois?

One other thing:  I wouldn’t hustle money from the Chicago collar county Republican set if I were an elected Republican politician even if not doing so meant political extinction.  Remember, the Illinois GOP is mostly run by these DuPage County country club types, and this was the machine that spit out George Ryan, Jim Edgar and James Thompson, all three of them useless as a tit on a bull, and they also stabbed Bill Brady in the back in 2010.




One response

27 07 2012


It appears that PO Box 446 is also home to:

Chicago Young Republicans
And from the Flickr pics:
(page 3 for now)
we can see that CYR is pro conservative family values.

“Stupid Party” is right ….

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