It Only Took Him a Quarter Century

26 07 2012

Washington, D.C.

Later rather than sooner.  But, a win’s a win.

But that’s kinda been my point all along with Ron Paul — As much as I (mostly) supported his political ambitions, he really has a thin legislative record to show for it, in spite of twenty-four years in Congress.  It only took him all this time and some dire circumstances to get what will be his keystone accomplishment, and even that came in the lame duck time of his career.

Meanwhile, it won’t take his son in the Senate anywhere near that length of time to figure out a way to get the Senate to pass it.  The first thing Rand can do is to print this out and stick it in front of Hairy Ass Reid’s snoot.




2 responses

27 07 2012

Surely harry ass reid will say that his comments are being taken out of context. Or something. Not a chance “har” will allow the Federal Reserve to be audited. Not while the jugearedjackass is in office. Ut uh. Not going to happen.

27 07 2012

The system, which consists of a board of governors and 12 regional banks, acts as lender of last resort to the country’s banking system, and it is charged with fighting inflation and with promoting economic growth and employment.

If those are the primary roles then it is a failure.

1) Why would bank ABC issue bonds or borrow from Bank DEF when the Fed will loan it money for free?
2) Lack of a return on savings is inflation.
3) While GDP might technically be growing. On a per person basis it is shrinking when accounting for technical innovation. For GDP to be used a basis for tracking growth in the wealth of a country, it must out pace population growth and technological innovation which improves productivity.
4) Jobs?

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