27 07 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

There’s nothing more frustrating than Amazon’s “frustration free packaging.”

But Amazon’s private label AA/AAA rechargeable batteries are both good and cheap.




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27 07 2012

I didn’t even know Amazon did private label rechargeable batteries. But I do own a Amazon brand micro-USB to USB cord.

I go to Walgreens, Look at the alkalines. 6 for 4.99. 12 for 6.99. 24 for 9.99. 36 for 11.99, bingo. 36 batteries! Cripes thats enough for 2 years for the remote controls and Mini Mag Light.

By frustration free packaging, I am sure you mean it takes a utility razor blade to cut it open.

27 07 2012

If the non-“frustration free” packaging would have been the typical cardboard display container, it would have been less frustrating.

27 07 2012
Olave d'Estienne

Seriously? You think I should switch to Amazon batteries?

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