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29 07 2012


Black vs Hispanic wars have come to St. Louis.  This is very close to where the Knockout Martin Luther King killed the Nguyen husband last year.

If this was all it took to get out of poverty, North City would have gotten out of poverty decades ago.  Remember Blogmeister’s Axiom #60.

The pure numbers are indicative of another more fundamental reason:  Relatively speaking, politics just aren’t Kansas City’s things.  If you look at the recent history of statewide Republican versus Democrat races, you will find a lot of St. Louisan vs St. Louisan, but you won’t find any Kansas Citian vs Kansas Citian.  The last time I remember any KC vs KC statewide race for anything was the Democrat Primary for Senate in 1994, Alan Wheat, then the Congressman from the district that included KCMO proper, versus Marsha Murphy, the Jackson County Executive.

The reason is that certain white ethnics are more overly political than plain ole regular WASP-y Americans.  St. Louis’s whites tend to the ethnic, Kansas City’s tend to the “plain ole regular American.”  That’s also why St. Louis’s whites are more racially minded than Kansas City’s — white ethnics, being ethnically minded, find it easy to make the jump to race, while “plain ole regular Americans” don’t think of their own ethnicity, much less race.

The current Senate primary race is St. Louis vs St. Louis vs Rolla.  Rolla, by the way, is a town that has produced a lot of statewide politicians — All the Carnahans, Claire McCaskill is a Rolla native, Sarah Steelman, and probably a few others I miss.  IOW, tiny little Rolla is almost as important to statewide political life as the Kansas City area.

*  That said, why is Google Fiber starting with Kansas City?  Seems like a bit of waste.

*  Whaaa?  Weapons and drugs in a prison?  Whodafuckinthunk?

And why are weapons and drugs stashes “suddenly” being turned up in Illinois prisons all of a sudden?  Answer:  The prison guard unions are gearing up to oppose budget cuts which would cost them many of their jobs.  CYA time.

UPDATE:  I think the state has figured out the same thing I have.  They’re shaking down the guards to see if they’re the ones bringing in these weapons and drugs, in a Hegelian dialect maneuver.


*  When the news came out last week about the Feds regulating credit agencies, I thought it was a means to prevent downgrades of the Federal government’s own credit rating.  Turns out that’s not the case, because the credit agencies in question are the ones that do the scores of individuals, not large institutions.  The whole thing is a runup for more affirmative action mortgages.

Cars, too.  It’s said that subprime auto lending is less risky than subprime real estate lending, because the collateral can be repossessed.  <Sarcasm> Yes, you can repossess a car, but you certainly can’t foreclose upon a house. </Sarcasm>  The big difference is that I doubt subprime auto lending will result in drastically overpriced new cars like subprime real estate lending resulted in drastically overpriced houses.  OTOH, virtually all cars depreciate in value, even from the moment the first buyer signs on the bottom line for a brand new car.

*  I don’t know why a lot of people were fawning over Ron Unz, because in the past, he has said some pretty stupid stuff for a man who is said to know better.

I’ll let the first sentence speak for itself:

Former Penn State University president Graham Spanier said he will soon begin working for the federal government on projects related to national security.”

Yeah, that’s really going to make me sleep better at night.

Why hasn’t the DOJ done something about MF’n Global?

I know the way out of this for Elizabeth Warren.  She has already showed the way herself.  Just claim they’re all 1/32 Indian.

The media focused on this story for the self-defense angle.  But lost in that is the fact that this “knife-wielding man” kept blabbering on about “you killed my people.”  One of these Razatards, I presume?

*  Horses?  Who am I to say that this is stupid and will accomplish nothing?  I imagine the horses will get shot, too.  And I guess we haven’t been paying attention to the news lately — Owning a horse is elitist.


MoD discovering that gender equality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

*  “The Nigerian movie industry is outproducing both Hollywood and Bollywood in terms of sheer numbers, with its films being shown not just throughout Africa, but also in European and American cities with African immigrant populations.”

Yeah, so?  More is not better.  Ghetto blacks talk more often and more loudly, but that doesn’t mean what they have to say is worth listening to.  If the typical “Nollywood” movie is like a black sitcom, then they’re as boring and dumb as hell.


We are roughly on the 20th anniversary of the first web photo.

I don’t know about this.  Women around my age tend to look at my feet, for some reason.

Some guys just can’t hold their tweets.  I doubt the manager of the Seminoles baseball team has laid down this restriction.

What happens when Mr. Hypenated Surname meets Ms. Hyphenated Surname?  What if they want to get married?  What if they want to have kids?

There was a recent conversation on AR about men with hyphenated surnames.




One response

29 07 2012

Poverty Free Day underway in Ville neighborhood
ST. LOUIS • Clergy and volunteers from throughout the St. Louis area are hosting a Poverty Free Day event at the corner of Sarah Street and Martin Luther King Drive.

Take one letter out and it becomes a “vile” neighborhood, at the corner of MLK Drive.

And isn’t Sprint / Clearwire and their over built networks out of KC? There is more fiber in this country than anyone knows.

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