31 07 2012


I’m still nervous about Ted Cruz.  I can’t shake the feeling that we have another Marco Rubio on our hands, someone who will inevitably side with his tribe on immigration.

However, Cruz’s public statements on immigration are almost all good.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a record by which to compare his rhetoric to reality.  He does not seem to have taken on any immigration issues as Texas Solicitor General.  However, by the time Rubio was elected to the Senate, he did have a record as Speaker of the Florida House of stuffing immigration restrictionist legislation down the rabbit hole and pushing pro-open borders bills.  We do know that David Dewhurst would have been almost full throttle for amnesty and open borders, as much of his campaign funding came from the state’s cheap labor lobby.

Also, while Cruz’s father is Cuban, his mother is a white American, so he’s only 50% tribe.  Unlike Marco Rubio — Both of his parents are Cuban.

Cruz also authored the amicus brief on behalf of the 31 states supporting Mr. Heller in the DC vs Heller Supreme Court case.  And he defended Texas’s death penalty against meddling Mexican government officials.

Also, Cruz was once editor of the Harvard Law Review, like a certain someone.  Since Cruz’s parents were not both American citizens when he was born, and assuming the construction of the “natural born citizen” clause of the Presidential requirement is such, Cruz would be another former editor of the HLR that would have eligibility issues if he ever ran for President.

And he has great taste in chicken.

In other Texas election news, Randy Weber is the Republican nominee, ergo the heavy favorite, to replace Ron Paul in TX-14.  Paul endorsed Weber, but I don’t know if the context of the endorsement was in today’s runoff only (today’s Texas elections were partisan primary run-offs from May primaries in which no candidate got an absolute majority), or if Weber was Paul’s choice all along.



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31 07 2012

NumbersUSA gives Cruz their highest rating—a True Reformer. We’ll see whether he lives up to the distinction.

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