Mouths to Feed

31 07 2012


The Dime Store Indian whining about how we spend so little on infrastructure and China spends so much.

Big difference, Fauxcahontas:  China doesn’t have to fund their own BRA and HRA.  Even though they’re helping to fund ours.  They don’t have much of a domestic social welfare budget, either.  Also, every time we propose an infrastructure project, NIMBYs and BANANAs come out of the woodwork to bitch about a snail darter.

There’s another reason we don’t and shouldn’t spend that much on infrastructure:  Beyond a certain point, it’s counterproductive.  As you might know, if you’ve been paying attention, I’m acquiring more and more of an urbanist worldview as I get older, and also an increasing aversion to the homogenized cookie cutter suburban life.  The only reason I live in a middle everything suburb is that it’s close to where the jobs in my lines of work are.  If I could, I’d ditch Ballwin like a bad habit and move back to the city tomorrow.  I know precisely the house in Lafayette Square I’d buy if I had the money.



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