The Implicit Whiteness of St. Louis Chick-Fil-A Locations

1 08 2012

St. Louis

Paul Kersey and Hunter Wallace are analyzing the CFA question in racial terms, so I suppose I’ll join in.

St. Louis’s CFA locations are at St. Louis University, St. Clair Square, Arnold, in the Chesterfield Valley, one in West County Mall in Des Peres, and another one in Des Peres just east of the Mall.  Washington University used to have one, but not anymore.  Imagine the hissy fit the leftists there would be having if CFA was still there.

Four of the six locations in The STL are obviously and almost always white.  The only reason SLU and St. Clair Square aren’t is because SLU isn’t far from ghettos, and SLU is one of the most crime-prone college campuses in the country, though the CFA inside SLU probably has mostly white patrons, and since St. Clair Square is the only mall in the Metro East, blacks from ESL and Belleville are there all the time.

Arnold is working to lower middle to middle class white, Chesterfield is upper middle class to nouveau riche white (with some Asians scattered in), and Des Peres is solidly upper middle class white, close to some big money suburbs and also abutting the wealthiest part of Kirkwood where Claire McCaskill now lives.




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