Why the Size of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen Needs to be Reduced

1 08 2012

St. Charles

About the untimely passing of Alderman Greg Carter, this is largely getting missed:

Missouri Highway Patrol spokesperson Al Nothum says the accident happened when a pick-up truck rear-ended a tractor trailer. That tractor trailer driver got out to assess the damage. Then a Fed Ex semi driver stopped to help the first tractor trailer driver.  Another semi also stopped. That’s when investigators believe the UPS truck with Alderman Carter in it slammed into the second semi. He was killed.

Carter had been with UPS since 1984, according to his Aldermanic website.  He’s been the 27th Ward Alderman since 1993. Carter was the son of the late Missouri State Senator Paula Carter.  Carter’s nephew, Chris Carter, is a Missouri State Representative.

City Aldermen get paid so little that most have to have other jobs or other income streams.




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