2 08 2012

Wall Street

FB’s share value recovered a little since its disappointing IPO, but I noticed that it has shed about a third of its value since a close of 29.34 on July 24.  Now it’s about 20 even.  It may close under 20 by the closing bell.

Maybe The Street is finally settling in on sanity.




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2 08 2012

The only way FB can save itself would be to buy every user a tablet device with a built in phone that is locked it down like an Apple product so that it can continuously display ads in an ad-bar. But even if the product could be had a $100 it would still take for ever to pay for itself. Problem with this is most of the people who have the money to buy a product probably wouldn’t want an inferior freebie therefore the only people taking delivery would be non-status-seeking users and people without credit cards. Not a good demographic for ad sales.

2 08 2012

More FB news today: A lot of its user accounts are Potemkin, just to pump up user stats, and its underperforming in both stock price and corporate revenue is going to hurt the CA state government. Mark these words: If CA officially declares bankruptcy, Facebook will get the “official” blame.

3 08 2012

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