Crip Walk

4 08 2012


Serena Williams does it.

Can’t have white athletes in the Olympics whose boyfriends are members of the German NDP party or who are themselves members of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party.  Oh no.  But we can have an Olympic athlete doing a walk/dance/boogie as a tribute to an overly murderous organization, one that cannot survive and thrive without murder and other violent crimes.  Meanwhile, white people might win elections — That’s the really scary thing.

There’s a political party in the first world whose officials call black Africans “a cancer,” and are actually in the process of going door to door to round up these “cancers” as they aim to deport them from whence they came.  I bet there is at least one member of the Israeli Olympic delegation who voted for Likkud or one of the other minor parties in the Likkud-led ruling coalition in the Knesset who formulated and/or endorsed this policy.




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