Sunday Wrap-Up

5 08 2012


*  I was watching the Olympics last night, and there was a scroll across the bottom about “Phelps.”  In this case, it wasn’t about him – There was a severe thunderstorm warning in Phelps County (Rolla).  Yeah, I know, I forgot that sometimes liquid water sometimes falls from the sky, sometimes accompanied by a stream of hot charged electrical particles and resultant noise.  As a big rain mass got close to St. Louis, the radar image of the heaviest ran looked like the Indian subcontinent and the former British Raj — Pakistan, India and Bangladesh combined.

*  DNA doesn’t free everyone.  In fact, it sometimes convicts people.

*  Community centers breed crime.  Even white-collar crime.

I don’t know if I agree with the legal reasoning in this decision, which I haven’t read yet, but I agree with the decision, because I don’t think medical malpractice suits were/are the cause of skyrocketing malpractice insurance premiums for physicians.  The fear of the lawsuits is worse than the lawsuits themselves, and of course insurance companies are playing that fear to the hilt.

The Glendale murder/suicide made the Daily Mail.  I doubt that house could fetch over a half megabuck today.


*  Obama’s great accomplishment would have never happened if Valerie Jarrett would have had her way…three times.

*  Surprise.  Guess whose dark hands were caught in the cookie jar.

*  Screaming and personal degradation.  Yeah, that’s what happens in boot camp.

*  Graham Spanier is working for the Feds, and an ex-Senator will oversee Penn State.  That Revolving Door has two directions, for sure.

65% of self-styled Democrats in a poll say they support gay “marriage.”  The story is that the percentage of “Democrats” that do is increasing, but I don’t think that’s the case at all.  I think the real story is that fewer people who don’t support gay “marriage” are calling themselves or being Democrats.

I expected better of Phil Bryant.  He could have had no comment, and said it was none of his business.  The church in question has a mixed race congregation, so their rejection of this “lovely” couple’s wedding had reasons other than interracial marriage per se.

Ex-rapper Luther Campbell is getting into the football coaching business.  The governing body of Florida high school athletics was hesitant to let him, because of his past ties to explicit rap lyrics and strip clubs, but they let him coach after he promised pretty please with a cherry on top to behave himself around “impressionable” youths.  Keep in mind the “impressionable youths” he will coach are just as potty mouthed and sex-obsessed as he.

*  The media is the left wing.  The proof is in the pudding…or rather, the chicken.

This was written almost a quarter century ago.  It’s almost 100% accurate still.

*  HA!  The Feds were arguing that the Feds should be able to enforce state laws when doing so would help them enforce Federal laws.  SB 1070, anyone?


*  The secret to China’s Olympic success?  A condition almost indistinguishable from outright slavery.  If that’s how you win a medals count, then I don’t want to win.  All that glitters…

It was an American $100 bill.  I guess American money is still worth something.

This is how you know England has jumped the shark.  Speaking of which, don’t be surprised if literal shark jumping becomes an Olympic event in the future.


Modern Western humans use the same amount of caloric energy per day as ancient (and current) hunter-gatherer humans.  Meaning increased obesity is entirely a function of higher food consumption.

Employers can’t ask for social networking login usernames and passwords in Illinois.  Except if you use your real name on Facebook and Twitter, they don’t need your username and login, just Google.

3D printers are going to change the legal and societal dynamics of a lot of things.

The Valley of the Sun might be the new Silicon Valley.  Lower cost of living, lower taxes.  Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that The Valley will soon be The New Subcontinent.

*  Verizon is my carrier, and I had to pay extra for tethering.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this FCC ruling will mean an extra twenty bucks a month in my pocket.  I think Verizon and all the other carriers will presume that smartphone customers will tether, and keep the monthly rates as is.

This app only deals with “registered” Democrats, i.e. states where voters must register their party affiliation.  What about states with no party registration, like Missouri?  Missouri does provide lists of voters who voted recently in a partisan primary.  But that presents a problem — Sometimes, people who normally vote in one party’s primaries will take the other’s ballot for various reasons.  A white conservative who lives in the City of St. Louis will usually ask for a Republican ballot in the August of even numbered year primaries for national and state offices, but because Democrat is the only party that matters in the city, he or she will take a Democrat ballot in the municipal party primaries in March of odd numbered years.  Will this new find-a-Democrat app assume that anyone who votes in the March municipal Democrat primaries in St. Louis is a through-and-through Democrat?

Elitism:  Even dolphins do it.  This might be grounds for the SPLC to add an entire species to its shit list.




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