Race Based

6 08 2012

First Congressional District

So much for “we are the world” or “our diversity is our strength.”

Poll:  Clay 56, Carnahan 35, Others/Undecided 9.  Blacks favor Clay by a 7-1 margin, and whites favor Carnahan by a 3-1 margin.

Even white liberals know the truth about race.

It is said that Carnahan is leading Clay among self-described conservatives of CD-1, but that won’t accrue to his benefit tomorrow because virtually all conservatives there will take a Republican ballot, and therefore, won’t be able to cast a vote in Carnahan vs Clay.  Therefore, Clay’s lead is even bigger than this poll suggests because it counts voters who wouldn’t be able to vote in that primary.

If Clay doesn’t get at least two-thirds of the vote tomorrow, I’ll be surprised.




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