It’s Todd Akin Time

7 08 2012


If you’re voting in the Republican Primaries today, and you don’t vote for Todd Akin for Senate, the only candidate in the race who knows what he wants to do in the United States Senate and has the intelligence and experience to make it  happen, and the excellent record in Congress and the Missouri General Assembly before that to indicate that he’ll do what he says, and experience on the House Armed Services Committee to know when an awful treaty proposal should be rejected, then you must be out of your mind.

Remember, Sarah Steelman stumbles, John Brunner reads, and Todd Akin thinks.

Yes, I’m blogging early.  But I’ll be soon out the door to vote for Akin and all my other preferred candidates, then head to an undisclosed polling place somewhere in the metro area to greet voters and hand out Akin literature.




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