November Of Her Years

7 08 2012


I’m just going to love seeing Claire McCaskill’s pus when she loses to the man she wanted to run against.

And she will lose.  Obama-Romney will be at the top of the ballot, with McCaskill-Akin directly underneath.  McCaskill was an early adopter of Obama in 2007, and whatever moderation she had in her first two years in the Senate went away when she poodled for him.  Obama has already conceded Missouri to Romney, so Obama not even trying will drag McCaskill down with him.  It doesn’t matter who her Republican opponent would have been — All he or she would have needed to do is to hold his or her finger on his or her nose and walk ten feet in a straight line.  Anyone with a pulse, three-digit IQ and no serious rap sheet would have beat her.  And also, ObamaCare.  Yeah, you can say the 71% for the first-in-the-country anti-ObamaCare ballot referendum in August 2010 was a function of Republican turnout on a primary day in what everyone knew would be a red wave year nationally, but even if you add the Obama drones and faithful liberal Democrats that didn’t vote in August 2010, you still don’t get under 60%.

Clearly, Akin has a lot more than that — He has Gravitas.  His media buys should play up his mastery of the issues and his seriousness of appearance, presentation and mission.  That’s all he needs to do.  He scares next to nobody, save the doctrinaire paranoid libs who will never vote Republican anyway.  I don’t think it’s physically possible for him to speak over 40 decibels at three feet.

Did you know?  Todd Akin was one of the first Congressmen to join Tom Tancredo’s immigration restriction caucus.





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