Help Maybe Not Wanted

8 08 2012


Tea Party Express has me on their e-mail list, even though I never asked to be on the list.

They pushed this out today:

Sarah Steelman comes up short – the future is still bright

Last night, Tea Party Express and Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed conservative candidate Sarah Steelman came up short in her effort to be the next U.S. Senator from Missouri.  While we are disappointed with the final outcome, we can all take satisfaction in knowing that we fought the good fight!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal supporters for their generous donations to our Sarah Steelman campaign.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are proud to have campaigned for Sarah Steelman and believe that we have not heard the last from her

In the end, she was not able to overcome the $7.5 million that one of her opponents personally dropped into the race and the ads that incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill ran in favor of Steelman’s opponent (the strategy by the McCaskill campaign was to make sure that Steeelman didn’t win as they viewed her as the toughest opponent.)

We believe Sarah Steelman would have been the strongest candidates in the Fall and the most aggressive tea party Senator in Washington.  The victor in the election, Congressman Todd Akin, is also good conservative.  We had to choose between multiple strong candidates.  We look forward to campaigning for Akin to assure we are successful in our ultimate goal of defeating Claire McCaskill and taking the gavel out of the hands of liberal Senator Harry Reid, just like we did by taking the gavel away from Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2010.

Obama ally and liberal Democratic Sen. McCaskill has got to go!

One of Tea Party Express’ top priorities in 2012 is to elect a conservative majority to the U.S. Senate, and we are confident that Claire McCaskill can be beaten.

Please help us match the war-chest of McCaskill by making a donation to our campaign to take back the Senate!

Steelman couldn’t overcome Brunner’s money, but Todd Akin, working with even less money than Steelman, and also working without the endorsements of any organizations with “tea party” or people with “Palin” in their names, was able to!




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