The Great Wrap-Up

9 08 2012

Because I’ve been so busy with and focusing on the election, I’ve let a lot of news stories accumulate in my stack.


DUH-markus and DUH-shaune did something naughty.

*  “…Martin Luther King Drive…”

You can fill in the rest.  Hint:  This is NOT a news story about someone getting a Nobel Prize in a hard science.

I look at this coin from the other side.  It’s not that ESL has too few cops, it’s that ESL has too many criminals.

*  A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on:  Current Missouri Public Safety Director and former St. Louis County Police Chief Jerry Lee was a crime victim in Forest Park.  Read further, you’ll find a little bit of irony.

*  I think this SLU Law question is going to get a hell of a lot more interesting before it gets less interesting.  I bet this resignation won’t be the only resignation before it’s all over.


Why no public outcry?  Because a public outcry would be “racist.”

In the last paragraph:

And she’s been working seven days a week as a waitress to help pay for her college courses next year.”

Admitting that a Federal crime was committed somewhere.  Either she slung fake ID, or the employer knowingly hired an illegal alien.

Obama doesn’t like Romney, because unlike John McCain, Romney “is no goddamned war hero.”

Unlike Barack Obama, who has a chest full of medals.

Re “Monkeygate” — What should be obvious that the accusation is stupid is because the monkey was shown doing the rings, and women gymnasts don’t do rings, only men.  It’s the same reason why women don’t do the pommel horse:  Rings and pommel horse require serious upper body strength.  Then again, it would be just as comical to see a man try to do the balance beam.  Way different center of body mass.

That said, is it possible that some of the concern about violence against LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH is, like “environmentalism,” is coded racialism?

Why is this being done?  Largely at the behest of the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.  Wait about five years, for the pus on his face when it results in fewer blacks in college football and basketball.

Aside from the political motivation, the whole hypothetical thesis in stupid.  Why should Tea Partiers commit a coup in a town in a state whose elected Governor is a known Tea Partier and whose junior U.S. Senator is in the Senate Tea Party Caucus?  That’s like wishing for water to be a little more wet.

Good luck enforcing this.  It says that the punishment is up to a year in county jail.  Okay, what space?  The state prisons have already offloaded a lot of their really violent thugs onto county jails.

The California State Assembly as a “Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color.”  Okay, that’s a bit freaky people.  I bet there was something along the lines of “Select Committee on Jews” somewhere in Berlin in the 1930s.

Also, I thought we were supposed to have strict scrutiny toward at-law racial classifications.

Why is this charter school doing this?  Read down to the part that reads “23 percent minority,” in the case of this school, black, and there’s your answer.

IMHO, the ACLU is on solid legal ground.

I thought Ma Skittles lived in Miami.  I thought the condo in that Sanford, Florida subdivision where Sir Skittles was living was owned by Pa Skittles’s shack-up girlfriend, i.e. he was shacked up with her.  I also thought that Ma Skittles shipped Sir Skittles out to live with Pa Skittles in his g/f’s condo because he was causing her too much grief.

*  Reading a story about 11-year old black girls somehow getting HIV by giving hand jobs to some infected boy or man is not how I wanted to start my morning, or afternoon, or evening, or night.

What is it with Hispanics and stealing babies?  We had a case like this in Franklin County.  This article admits that this suspect is an illegal alien.  I don’t know if the doer in Franklin County was illegal or not.  But I suspect the reason has to do with trying to garner legal immigration status.

Of course it will lead to “lawlessness.”  How do you think Democrats win close elections?

I’m not surprised that NEA members aren’t gung-ho for Obama 2.0.  What does surprise me is that Obama still has so much support from both grassroots NEA members and NEA activists.  After all, Obama and the Democrat Party are now in full “Waiting for Superman” mode, i.e. the teachers’ unions “protecting” “bad” teachers are to blame for everything.

Expect to read this kind of news frequently.

*  Why was I nervous about Ted Cruz winning?  Shit like this.

My theory:  A rival drug dealer saw him handcuffed in the back of the squad car, snuck up on the scene when the cops weren’t looking, and shot him in the side of the head.

Another reason it’s a weak argument is because it never explains why diversity is desirable.

Still, I think the diversitarians are going to win this case, because the UT scheme uses class rank, not race per se.


Here’s why they think they can get away with it:  They are from Cameroon, and the British Prime Minister is named Cameron.


Arrested for not smiling?  Is this England, or Oceania?

“Riots?  What Riots?”

Of course.  We can’t have people thinking about black crime.  They might start putting two and two together, and wind up with the sum of BNP.

*  HA!  Australia’s Hattie McDaniel, I suppose.


Nothing about this can really be understood until we realize that “young adult” in the literary realm literally doesn’t mean “young adult” as in 19 years old.  More like 9 years old.  Yes, I have seen nine as the young age for “young adult” literature.



One response

9 08 2012

I am going to call bullshit on the HPV virus from a handjob (it was HPV not HIV). I think it is vaccine propaganda. But if doesn’t matter if it it is true or not, because they are having sex too in most cases anyways ….

… and 50% of teens in the study are carrying genital warts or some other HPV variation. Do you get this people-who-think-that-race-mixing-is-okay?

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