Conceal and Carry

25 09 2012

H/T Western Rifle Shooters Blog.  Yes, this is the same blog that ran the famous SHTF narrative a few weeks ago.  I read it, but haven’t had time to write a review.  My main problem with it is that the author of the article gives too much credit to the ability of young blacks to organize sustained riots even in a first world environment (they usually peter out in 72 hours), that blacks would riot over the lack of food (they almost always riot because of some sort of police action against a black that goes awry), and that blacks would be able to charge their phones and continue to be able to organize riots (if it’s as bad as this writer claims, the electricity infrastructure will be ruined).




One response

25 09 2012

God didn’t make man equal, but Sam Colt made them equal.

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