Come to Think of It

1 10 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Only nine percent of attempts call someone result in useable answers for a survey or poll.

I have never been called for a political poll, in spite of the fact that I live in a swing state.  Well, it’s not a swing state this year, but it was in 2008, 2004 and 2000.  Too, there are always downballot races and mid-term races.  My mother has never been called for a political poll, either.

My mother has been of legal voting age since 1965, and I since 1995.  You would think that in all that time, the law of averages would have meant that one of us would have gotten “hit.”




2 responses

1 10 2012

Me, never. My parents, twice, once in a Presidential year and once in a mid-term year, but not in a long time. As many races as there are and as many polls are done, it is suspicious that every person with a phone doesn’t get “hit” at least once per every political season.

2 10 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

I’ve received two calls from pollsters over the years, or at least someone claiming to be so. My answer both times was “I don’t participate in such things”, and then I hang up.

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