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23 10 2012



Bank of America accused of favoring white neighborhoods in Chicago

A national fair housing group has added Chicago and two other cities to its complaint charging that Bank of America Corp. takes better care of foreclosed properties in white communities than those in predominantly minority neighborhoods.


In its investigation, the alliance looked at curb appeal, exterior condition, for-sale signs and occupancy of foreclosed properties in minority and white communities that were owned, serviced or managed by Bank of America.

“Properties in white communities were far more likely to have a small number of maintenance deficiencies or problems than (foreclosed) properties in communities of color,” the complaint states.

In the Chicago area, 46 Bank of America properties were evaluated, including 19 in predominantly African-American communities, eight in Hispanic communities, two in non-white communities and 17 in predominantly white communities.

Among other findings, the alliance said that bank-owned foreclosures in minority neighborhoods were 4.7 times as likely to have broken doors or locks than foreclosed homes in white communities and 12.3 times more likely to have damaged windows. Also, foreclosed properties in white communities were 1.7 times more likely to have a “for sale” sign than those in minority areas.

Damage caused by the residents of the “predominately minority neighborhoods” to begin with.  That’s why BoA won’t “take better care” of foreclosed ghetto houses it owns, because they know the ghetto dwellers will tear it all up.

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4 responses

23 10 2012

Generally everything that can be is stolen out of the houses by the former owners when they get kicked out, and that includes the shitter. Only thing that usually remains is the bathtub because it would need cut out.

23 10 2012

That and they have no use for bathtubs other than the preparation of ghetto lobster.

24 10 2012

The ghetto houses came to the bank pre-ruined.

24 10 2012
Cheerful Hamster

I’ve been looking at foreclosures in LA, and even bathtubs have been cut out. This just shows you how much more industrious hispanics are than blacks. It’s not just stripping out by former owners/tenants, but squatters are a huge problem too.

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