Change of Plans

1 11 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’m withdrawing my endorsement of Dave Spence for Governor.  He has a radio buy on local black talk and music stations complaining about how Jay Nixon doesn’t do enough for blacks and “sits by and lets black people get called the N-word without punishment.”

There is a Libertarian in that race, so that’s who I’ll be voting “for.”  Oh well, Spence never had a chance anyway.

Incidentally, in the two other statewide races where I won’t be voting for the Republican, I’ll be voting for Cynthia Davis (Constitution) for Lieutenant Governor and Dave Browning (Libertarian) for Attorney General, in the case of the latter, the Libertarian is the only third party candidate available.

Otherwise, full speed ahead on Todd Akin, Cole McNary and Shane Schoeller.



One response

2 11 2012
Quickie Local Voter Guide « Countenance Blog

[…] OTHER STATEWIDE RACES:  Recommend voting for all Republicans (Akin, Spence, McNary, Schoeller), except for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, in which case I’ll vote Constitution Party if available or Libertarian Party if not.  A team of wild horses won’t get me to cast votes for Peter Kindercare or Ed Kardashian.  Conflict of interest concerns preclude from handicapping Senate, but in the rest of them, I think Democrats Nixon and Koster hold on to GOV and AG, respectively, Republicans McNary and Schoeller win Treas and SOS, (the former turning out an incumbent Democrat, the latter replacing retiring Democrat Mrs. Antolinez).  Now, Lt. Gov:  Every time I doubt Peter Kindercare, we winds up eking it out.  I’m not even bothering with a prediction here.  UPDATE 11/1:  Not Spence anymore. […]

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