End of the Week

12 11 2012

St. Louis Radio

It hasn’t happened yet, but look for Stale 102.5 to flip to Christmas music this Friday around drive time.  It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving.

BTW, I notice that Stale 102.5 isn’t carrying that what’s-her-face that pretends to care about the pretend problems of her SWPL listeners.  What’s her name?  Dillpickle?  Or Delano?  Or something like that.




4 responses

12 11 2012

Maybe the bad economy is why 102.5 ditched Delahlah. Nobody wanted to listen to her callers’ “problems”

12 11 2012

Well for their sake I hope they flip soon. Every time I scan by it recently, it’s either Adele, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, or Moron 5.

Speaking of, since Romney didn’t win, we won’t get to see Adam Levine (fronts for Moron 5) “lose his shit” as he promised.

Also, I read on a message board dealing with St. Louis radio and media that at one point last week, five different radio stations around here were playing an Adele song at the same time

13 11 2012

…five different radio stations around here were playing an Adele song at the same time…

I think it’s a law that The Point, KSHE, KSD, and The Brew all have to sync their programming so that at least one station is playing Def Leppard, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, or Sympathy for the Devil at all times.

13 11 2012

Throw in K-Hits to that list. BTW, KSHE has basically become a carbon copy of K-Hits.

The five stations in question re Adele were Why? 98, Stale 102.5, 106-5 The Arch, Z-107.7 and Radio Disney 1260.

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