Hispandering Doesn’t Work

12 11 2012

Mexico Del Norte

Hispanic voters in Presidential elections since 1980:

1980:  Carter 56%, Reagan 35%, Anderson et al. 9%.  D+21
1984:  Mondale 61%, Reagan 37%.  D+24
1986:  Reagan signs amnesty bill, Simpson-Mazzoli Act
1988:  Dukakis 69%, Bush 30%.  D+39  (i.e. Hispanics rewarding Republicans for amnesty)
1992:  Clinton 61%, Bush 25%, Perot 14%.  D+36
1996:  Clinton 72%, Dole 21%.  D+51  (moderates are how you get Hispanic votes)
2000:  Gore 62%, Bush 35%.  D+27
2004:  Kerry 58%, Bush 40%.  D+18  (Even with Bush slinging the borders wide open, canceling immigration law enforcement, and handing out subprime mortgages to Hispanics like candy, a near-billionaire plutocrat still beats the Republican by 18 points)
2007:  John McCain, Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush push hard for amnesty
2008:  Obama 67%, McCain 31%.  D+36.  (That’s Juan McAmnesty to you.)
2012 March:  Romney ditches Kris Kobach to embrace the amnesty and cheap labor lobby
2012 November:  Obama 71%, Romney 27%.  D+44

The future:  Republicans push for more amnesty and more open borders, Andrew Cuomo beats Marco Rubio in the 2016 Presidential election by 45-50 points among Hispanics.




One response

12 11 2012

There’s a lot of chatter out there that this year’s Hispanic vote is incomplete because they didn’t do exit polling in every state, including Texas where there was a Hispanic Republican on the ballot for Senate. But then I read on Sailer that both Romney and Cruz got around 37% of the Hispanic vote in Texas, so maybe they did do exit polling and maybe it is included here.

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