Monday Wrap-Up

12 11 2012

Some non-election news has been piling up in the hopper since the beginning of last week.


*  “Someone stole our pit bull named Sasha.”  From North County, of course.  I bet they have another one named Malia.

*  Nice wording, P-D.  A thief “fell victim.”

If at first you don’t secede…

Live by the sword — I feel most sorry for the car.


*  The suspect, an 18-21 yo black man, said he did it because he needed school clothes.  Since when is a women’s necklace that cost $350 some 16 years ago (i.e. at least double that now), essential kit for a young adult man in school?

*  The Few.  The Proud.  The Marines.  (White men need not apply)

*  Of course you wanted your victims to vote Obama.  You look like you could be a son of his.

*  They’re only here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do, provided that mutual homosexual masturbation in front of a bedridden elderly patient ever was a job that Americans really needed done much less wanted to do.

*  Remember when this was the fault of Islamophobia?  Well, truth out, and truth is racial hoax.

My first reaction was, “what a little punk bitch, people that find race in everything,” only to find out that the first comment stole my thunder.

Anyone that dumb to fall for this scam probably deserves a little bit to be ripped off.


Both sophisticated tool making and complex enough language to transmit knowledge on how to make such tools across generations was a feature of humans as early as 71,000 years ago.

*  No wonder why MSFT was in such a rush to tablet-ize their featured end user desktop OS.  It’s the perfect vehicle for ad delivery.

She doesn’t mean it this way, “dope” as an adverb in this sense has positive connotations.  But I would agree that he is a dope, rather than being dope.

ICYMI, while I was sympathetic toward her at first, for Chris Brown turning her face into pizza, I lost all that when she got the letters “T-H-U-G-L-I-F-E” tattooed across her knuckles.




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