I Know Something You Don’t Know

13 11 2012


I’d like to think Rand Paul’s quasi-amnesty proposal is some sort of acute positional bargaining to head off any amnesty bill.  Maybe his inclusion of an absolute moratorium plus the fact that he doesn’t amnesty enough illegal aliens quickly enough is specifically designed to have it rejected, to make the pro-amnesty side look like the fanatics that they are.

I fear it’s some sort of attempt to split the middle between an Obama style bill and my position.

Either way, I oppose it.  Any legalization of non-white illegal aliens, quasi or otherwise, only hastens the day when we become a minority in our own country.

However, as Peter Brimelow just noted on V-Dare, this makes Rand Paul the most prominent elected politician openly to call for an immigration moratorium, even if it might be a political trick.

Anyway, I’m going to let all of you in on a secret, something I heard through a very plugged in grapevine in the last few months.

Not only is Rand not running for President in 2016, he won’t even run for re-election to the Senate.  He misses his eye surgery practice dearly.  He’s grooming just-elected Congressman Thomas Massie from KY-4 to replace him in the Senate in 2016.  As an aside, unlike all the other newly elected members of Congress who will be sworn in in early January, Massie goes to Congress right away, because KY-4 had two ballots featuring the same candidates, a special election to replace the vacant seat and a regular ballot to determine the occupant for two years per usual, Massie won both.  It’s not too dissimilar from the double ballot Illinois had with Mark Kirk vs Alexi What’s-His-Face two years ago, the first to finish the existing term and the second for the six-year seat.




One response

14 11 2012

Want to cut the illegal alien problem down to almost nonexistent? Stop giving out free stuff. No housing, no medical, no food, no cell, no money, NOTHING. If someone can make a living off of the meager wages they are paid, then God bless you and welcome. If not, then so sorry for the choices you’ve made, better luck next time. The low wages paid to illegals can not sustain a family unless it is subsidized by the government with tax payer money and services. Remove those and the problem will cure itself.

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