One Infinite Loop

13 11 2012

Bread and Circuses America

Dear God:  Help me.  I’m trapped in an infinitely looping episode of Entertainment Tonight, and I can’t get out.  Signed, America.

From what I’ve seen, heard and found out about all the relevant parties in this Petraeus deal, they’re all a bunch of overpaid SWPLs who haven’t anything close to a real struggle in their lives, so they have to do stupid shit like this in order to create faux problems.  In other words, they’re Delilah’s wheel house demographic.

What has come out in the wash?  As it turns out, the generally accepted lamestream conservative theory that Obama and Co. blamed the  YouTube video for Benghazi to cover up its own reticence toward dealing with problem Muslims was all wrong.  A common alternate theory, which I bought into, that Obama blamed the YT video to cover up what was a failed September/October surprise to have Ambassador Stevens be taken hostage in order for Obama to engineer an October release then Obama sails to re-election, was also all wrong.

The real thing which Obama wanted to cover up by blaming the YT video was the fact that the CIA operated a secret dungeon inside the American consulate at Benghazi, where Stevens worked, and ergo the rabble that killed Stevens knew it and was trying to free their cohorts housed inside the dungeon.  Obama needed to cover that up because it would have pissed off the left wing — Obama did campaign against secret CIA prisons in 2008, after all — and enough of the left would have stayed home on election day.




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