14 11 2012

North County

The undercover pizza squad netted its first prize.

This is what I predicted:  As tragic as crimes against pizza delivery drivers are, in the relative scheme of things, considering the demographics, they’re rare.  Hardly any black people are going to want to interfere with their pizza supply line.  The undercover pizza squad will wind up bagging far many more garden variety black criminals than blacks who whack the pizza delivery drivers.

Not that that’s a bad thing.

But if you’re going to go into North County to look for crime, I should warn you that it will be like looking for hay in a haystack.




4 responses

14 11 2012

Law of unintended consequences at work.

How long will it take for North County to figure out that you get a free cop with every order, and they stop calling out for pizza? Because you gotta think they know that they have “neffewes” and “cuzzens” hanging around the hood who all have a dozen felony warrants out for them.

14 11 2012

It happened around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday when they went on a delivery from the 1400 block of Bellefontaine Neighbors. They found a man and a woman sitting in a car waiting outside a home. They were smoking marijuana….

Usually in the winter I wait for the pizza delivery driver in the house ….. sounds like the real pizza knock-out party got cancelled.

14 11 2012
Inverse Revolution

Imarkex4 wrote:
7:13 AM CST

93% of Black Americans voted against American Freedom or for Obama’s skin color.Who would have thought Black Americans would be against American Freedom.I guess American Patriots wasted their time and lives freeing them.


Shockingly made past into the comments of this WashPo article.

14 11 2012

Shocking is that ONLY 93% of blacks voted Obama. I think it was more like 99%. I can totally believe that there were precincts in Cleveland and Philadelphia where Romney didn’t get a single vote, even though I can also believe that many of the votes Obama got were ballot stuffing of some sort. Ghetto blacks want gibsmedat.

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