Sunday Wrap-Up

18 11 2012

I know, I have a national election review to get to.  Busteth my chops not.


This isn’t just here, it’s all over.

These must be their Nobel Prize publicity photos.

*  If I was a professional burglar, I could see the beauty in stealing laptops from the inside of East St. Louis Senior High School.  Because they have the label of the ESL SD on them (see the last paragraph), that’s an indication that they’re barely used and like new, sorta like that seemingly old car that has surprisingly few miles on the OD because grandma only ever drove it to church and to the store.  So they can probably net quite a bit in the black market.

He would do better to demand the removal of the habitual graffiti artists.

*  We know there’s a separation between church and state, but there is apparently no separation between mosque and state.

*  In case you didn’t notice, Brooklyn is East St. Louis writ small.

Colin Flaherty in WND has another great piece about Knockout Martin Luther King.  It’s in the local stack because it mainly revolves around Springfield, Missouri.

As an aside, I wonder how much longer Flaherty is for WND.  Joe Farah might start doing his best Bill Fuckley impersonation and crack the whip if Flaherty doesn’t knock off telling truths that most people actually care about and start standin’ with Israel.


Darn, I missed it.

T’Keyah did something naughty.  With a name like T’Keyah, you knew she was destined for the police blotter rather than a Congressional commendation.

Alert, to all you people who have your silk manties in a bunch over photo ID.

*  Shocking news:  Black thug actually takes a little bit of gainful employment.

Of course it has no success, because its premise is stupid.  Its premise is that it is possible to calm down using mere words two or more vicious screaming hateful ghetto thugs ready to blow each other’s heads off.

Cornel West isn’t wrong all the time.

*  Attention, John Engelman on AR.  Read very carefully.

Fear not, Malik.  Obama’s soon to start his second term, when he’ll have more flexibility.

*  Seriously, dude.  Did you set out deliberately wanting to be Jerry Sandusky’s cellmate?

Now the choice is between jail or losing health insurance.  In a few years, the choice will be between jail or having health insurance.

*  “I put the magazine in my gun. I cocked it.”

Nice double entendre.

Also notice the name of the lake, for another chance at a Beavis and Butt-Head laugh.

They’re freeing ole stumpy.  Not because of the reduced risk of recidivism, but because the state wants to pawn off half of his health care expenses on the feds.

*  If I’m not mistaken, this is the same Washington, D.C. high school that recently hired a woman as its head football coach.  Which means that they don’t need to worry about goon-inclined tough men when they have plenty of women.

Speaking of problem women…

In this article, we have both racial and orientation stereotypes whetted.

I’d like to think that this is an impromputu sort of MILSIM.  I fear that these are overgrown boys that just won’t grow up.

*  Gee, there’s the problem with American politics:  There isn’t enough money fueling open borders politicians.

*  Mark Steyn, who will hopefully get to fill in for Rush pretty soon, as the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a big vacation time in talk radio, makes a great point:  Demographics suddenly matter when it comes to American election returns, but when it comes to anything else, you’re a bigot for noticing them.

This reporter is guilty of first degree criticizing a protected minority.  Remember, McCain, Grahamnesty and Kelly Ayotte are practically guilty of lynching and domestic violence combined just because they criticized the person that Obama himself trotted out as the face of their Benghazi apologetics to the point where she did the Full Ginsburg two months ago.

I watched the vid.  Seems like Deion Sanders started his own tribe.

She’s right, there will probably be a race war.  But the first shots will be either black on Hispanic or vice versa.

So saith a 54-year old white man who has a starring role of a show with no ratings on a network with no ratings.


More meddling Mexicans.

Left open for government snooping, perhaps?

The Towelie-Ban hit CC instead of BCC, thereby exposing to the world names of operatives, and also a bunch of traitors and quislings.

Monroe Doctrine, anyone?

*  Fine, we have good polling results.  But that won’t mean a hill of beans until they translate this into the BNP and/or at the very least the UKIP winning power.


*  Someone on AR recently floated a really clever and insightful theory that the innate intelligence of human beings actually peaked many thousands of years ago.  That may sound crazy, unless you grok the difference between innate intelligence and education/accomplishment.  We now have some science to bear this out.

It did take some really big brain chops to invent agriculture, the wheel, written language, short alphabets, numbers, the zero as numerical placeholder, animal husbandry, and a lot of other ancient inventions, in a world that did not previously have them.  In more modern times, most of our modern luxuries are based on seminal inventions from a time frame from about 1870 to 1900 — Almost everything since then have merely been refinements and improvements.  We’re basically coasting along on long depleted intellectual momentum.




2 responses

18 11 2012

1. That social justice shindig was a hoot. I was there. The lesbian women made the best finger sandwiches.

2. That John Engelman on AmRen has to be the stubbornest mule there.

3. A former WNBA player is a lesbian? Who would have ever thought?

4. About those teenage boys in Dallas playing cops and robbers: Maybe they’re trying to tell us something. Maybe they could be directed in a direction to where they can play more advanced sort of games.

5. Get ready for a lot of fill ins all over talk radio, especially this between TGIV and Xmas/NY season after a Presidential election season.

6. What Deion Sanders did was start a football team and accentuate it with a few academic classes.

7. Alec Baldwin is NOT Jewish.

8. Re the meddling Mexicans: Shouldn’t their actions tell us something about them?

9. Maybe proof that people’s innate intelligence peaked long ago is all the spectacular things humanity was able to do before the first watt of harnessed electricity was available to anyone.

18 11 2012

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