Acting White

19 11 2012



Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying

“The recent anti-bullying survey conducted by ABA brings up some interesting findings. According to it, more than 90% of the 1,000 11-16 year-olds surveyed said they had been bullied or seen someone bullied for being too intelligent or talented. Almost half of children and young people (49.5%) have played down a talent for fear of being bullied, rising to 53% among girls. One in 10 (12%) said they had played down their ability in science and almost one in five girls (18.8%) and more than one in 10 boys (11.4%) are deliberately underachieving in maths – to evade bullying. Worryingly, this means our children and young people are shying away from academic achievement for fear of victimization.”

Why would anyone bully anyone else for being too smart?

Answer:  It’s this crabs-in-a-bucket “you’re acting white” mentality among young blacks.

If race is not the answer, or not the whole answer, it’s because “smart” in terms of a young man is seen as a euphemism for gay.




One response

20 11 2012

The flaw in this study is that 49.5% of a population is not intelligent enough to have to “play dumb”.

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