No Break

21 11 2012



L to R, top to bottom:  Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Michele Bachmann, Jeb Bush, Krispy Christie, Gov. Nimrata Randhawa (SC), Gov. Piyush Jindal (LA), Gov. Susana Martinez (NM), Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA), Rand Paul, Gov.-Elect Mike Pence (IN), Rickroller, Sen. Rob Portman (OH), Marco Rubio, Eddie Munster, Gov. Brian Sandoval (NV), Rickroller II, Jon Cryer, Gov. Scott Walker (WI).

I had to provide a caption.  Most people don’t know who any of these people are.  And, most people would presume that persons number five and six were people with poor English speaking skills yet mysteriously named “Cindy” and “Mark” whom they had to speak with on the phone recently to resolve a customer service issue.

I figure the first debate with 18 podiums will be some time this summer, where Candy Crowley and George Stephanopoulos will ask them one clown question after another about contraceptives and the age of the Earth and underwear and Aqua Buddha and musical instruments and smartphone apps and transubstantiation and love letters and civility and fused sweaters.

Because…Bryce Harper:

And also…no breaks.  Notice I already had to create a “Campaign 2016” category.




4 responses

21 11 2012

You, my friend, are on an absolute tear.

I want whatever you’re doing that’s getting you back into a good mood, if and only if it’s legal. I suspect it’s some sort of amphetamine.

Eddie Munster LOL, Jon Cryer LOL.

Brian Sandoval looks like about a third of the generic male porn actors.

21 11 2012

No street drugs, in fact no drugs period. I and my snarky sense of humor are just suppressing rage, anger and depression that I should be feeling right now after the events of a half month ago. Don’t worry, they’ll come pouring out some time in January and February, I’ll spend all night one night bawling my eyes out or going batshit crazy in my bedroom.

Until then, full snark ahead.

Re your Sandoval supposition: Are you speaking from experience? :)

21 11 2012
The Man From Mars

Will this circus(sorry circus performers, you at least are paid with not stolen goods) ever end?!

21 11 2012

Executive summary answer: No.

Glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel answer:

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