Pre-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

21 11 2012


*  When Ron Richard, then Speaker of the House, and term limited out of the House by the time the 2008 election cycle came along, won a seat in the State Senate, I joked that he might be the first person in the history of the state to be both House Speaker and Majority Leader.

Joke no more.

Ironically, his win as Majority Leader was due to Senate Republicans wanting to keep the man who succeeded him as House Speaker to have too much influence in the Senate.

They’re wondering how.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Either she stuffed it in her cootchie or her keyster.

*  Considering who won the election, John Shimkus is right to do this, because government will basically be an omnipresent part of the lives of these young people when they get a little older.

Chicago story, but St. Louis hook because it involves LCCC in Godfrey.  In fact, assessing from the timeline, he might have been on the active LCCC basketball roster playing in the gym you see in that photo when I attended a hamfest in that very gym.

Some friend he had.  If that’s how he treats his friends, I’d have to have to see how he treats his enemies.

I wish it wasn’t a joke.

*  Yes, it happened in LSL, but the names of the suspects suggest chocolate city.

Supposition:  He owns a Michael Vick jersey.


Earth to Razatards:  It’s perfectly within the purview of an elected state Secretary of State to concern himself with immigration.  Because it’s a Federal crime (in theory, at least) for illegal aliens to register to vote and actually to vote.  Do elected SoSes not swear an oath to the Federal Constitution?

SWPL.  BTW, so many turkeys are being given away that it makes me wonder how many people actually buy their TGIV turkeys anymore.

“Raymour Radhakrishnan,” aka “Rhode Island Ray.”

*  Rush jokes that coastal media elites think they actually need a passport and shots before they actually set foot in flyover country.

This is not a joke.

Then again, so much of Minneapolis is Somalia that you might as well send in diplomats who specialize in East Africa.

*  Rush theorized yesterday that the nudist libs in San Francisco would get their way and this bill would fail.  I predicted it would pass.  And it did.

The reason is for all our images of San Francisco that we like to make fun off, naked queer freaks in the Castro, life in San Francisco of late has become about the big money that comes from pan-Asian international trade.  The business establishment in the city has been trying to crack down on the fruits and nuts and freaks, and now we see they’ve been able to punch through at least when it comes to a majority on the local Board of Stuporvisors to get their way.

*  Translation:  Gibsmedat, but you don’t have any say over how it’s spent.

Birth of a Nation plays out every day here in BRA.

*  Why not?  In Obama’s AmeriKa, full of hope and change, white men aren’t even human.

*  “Reported suspects are predominantly male (98 percent), of which 79 percent are black males ages 13-25, police said, and 9 percent Hispanic males 13-25. The majority of arrests were black males ages 13-25.”

This being Stockton, California, I’m surprised Hispanics aren’t more involved.  Maybe they are, but they zip back across the border once they get their gold so the cops can’t catch them.  Blacks don’t have “Run for the Border” as an option.

Not only is it not discriminatory, it’s par for the course.  Colonel Sanders would advocate a way to breed more chickens.  Hispanic media consultants want open borders and amnesty because they want a bigger Hispanic population.  Public schools favor socialist economics as a tendency.  And also, when you admit young black men into institutions that they would have no prayer of getting into but for the fact they can ‘ball, of course you’re going to have additional cheating and rule breaking and perfidy.


White collar crime.  Under the collar…not white.


Great pix.

*  Elizabeth I’s reign, the anniversary of the beginning of which was a few days ago, marked the transition between the middle ages and the modern era for England.

We already knew this bit about Oprah’s “favorite things” was sponsor payola, not actually Oprah’s favorite things.  Does anyone actually think she ever drove a Pontiac G6 for more than one minute?

*  Hide the red Corvettes:  Apes go through mid-life crises.

*  If they didn’t want this awards show to start off on a bratty note, they wouldn’t have let a brat be the opening act.




2 responses

21 11 2012

Buying thanksgiving turkeys:

Remember when the big supermarkets in town promised a very low per-pound price on whole turkeys if you spent so much money on other things? What happened to that? I suspect that the fact that so many people are getting turkeys for free has something to do with that. Either the fact that the back end of the turkey industry is giving so many away to be social do-gooders that they can’t give good wholesale prices to front-end food retailers, or the front-end food retailers are giving so many away out of charity that they can’t afford to do “turkey as loss leader” deals for the 7 to 14 days before Thanksgiving anymore.

Or maybe it’s the other way around: So many people are getting turkeys for free that front-end retailers don’t feel the need discount turkeys, i.e. the only people in the market to buy turkeys can afford full price.

Maybe a combination of both.

21 11 2012

Yes, I remember the turkey free-for-all from the local supermarkets, back in the days when there were actually several to choose from. My mother had an impeccable timing game when it came to that, she had this knack of buying at just the right time. Usually, National won her business as far as that went. “National supermarkets, you’re important to us.” But that was really the only time in a given year where she shopped at National, she didn’t much like it otherwise.

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