Notre Dame Has Returned to Football Prominence

25 11 2012

South Bend, Indiana

Okay, so what’s the catch?

As if I don’t already know the answer.

Answer:  They’ve loosened up on their admissions standards so they can admit more big dumb fast blacks so they can have more team speed on defense.  Every sports media talking head and his cousin has noted how much better defensively ND is this year than all of their past handful of years.  By “better,” they mean “faster,” and by “faster,” they mean “blacker,” and by “blacker,” they mean ND, like every other school that wants to be good in football, looks the other way when it comes to admissions standards.

Start your stopwatches.  Within five years, there will be some scandal relating to ND football over which the NCAA will investigate.




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25 11 2012

Okay, why do you always have to be so cynical?

As if I don’t already know the answer.

Answer: Because you pay attention.

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