Sunday Wrap-Up

25 11 2012


There’s a reason why Lewis Reed is praising city firefighters and bashing suburban firefighters.  He thinks city firefighters’ angst over the pension system deal that Slay helped swing is a political tool he can ride to victory in March.  In reality, because of affirmative action in the SLFD, less and less is it being called on for mutual aid requests from suburban fire departments.

St. Louis was another city where Romney got either zero, one or two votes in many precincts.  Again, that by itself is evidence of ghetto, not evidence of fraud.  Especially since Missourians can only vote via Diebold or via scan-sheet, either box can be opened only by the central BOEC of the county.

*  President Truman holding up the “Dewey Defeats Truman” newspaper happened at Union Station in St. Louis.  He never paid for that paper, and the bill wasn’t settled until this past week.

*  WTF?  A murder is said to be “so out of character” in ESL?  More like “order of the day.”  The suicide part is a little out of character, though.

Cemeteries in black areas are generally not known for their grounds maintenance.  That’s actually a function of black sociology:  When one of theirs dies, they’ll make a big production after the actual death and the funeral services, (and sometimes, drive-by shootings at the funerals result in more funerals).  But then after they’re planted in the ground, the “loved” ones practically forget they ever existed.  UPDATE:  Speaking of funerals begetting more funerals.

It all was over whether he paid the full cover charge.  This probably means he may or may not have had the full quarter.  I mean, it’s a ghetto dump where ghetto men watch ghetto women dance naked — how high could or should the cover charge be?


Didn’t have to ax him twice.

For the record, the motive is a combo of drugs and TNB.

*  Why do Mayoral members of Mayors Against Guns not want anyone to own guns?  Because many of them can’t.


*  It is possible to be overweight and undernourished at the same time.

Exhibit A:  Mexico.

*  Fancy.  Someone on the FBI’s most wanted list was nabbed in Mexico, probably because he came from Mexico to begin with.

*  From Slovakia.  They keep using the wrong gender pronoun here.  Only a woman would want to steal that much chocolate.


*  Yes.  Thanks to the idiot from San Francisco, I actually need an Interstellar category in this wrap-up.  But what I take as the political idiocy of a political idiot, I’m sure every caller on Art Bell or George Noory in the last few days has taken this as implicit “full disclosure.”




One response

25 11 2012

This is from the boobie bar story over on the East Side:

Police said the club stayed open after the shooting, as if nothing happened. Taylor’s relatives say the two were unarmed and are demanding the club be shut down.

A shooting at or anywhere near that bar is such a frequent occurrence that it was basically nothing happening. After all, the show must go on, people have their priorities.

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