AAPL Of Their Eyes

26 11 2012


The St. Louis City Public School system is a finalist for Race to the Bottom money.  If they get it, iPads for every elementary school student.

I should have known:  Along with a lot of other things, Race to the Bottom is basically white collar Federal gibsmedat for the benefit of the iCabal.

I’m waiting on the news that iMaxiPads are being “abused” by SLPS future geniuses.  Either one kid will whack another kid with one, one kid will whack a teacher (Can’t Teach For America social justice dingbat) with one, or most likely, a 13-year old fifth grader uses one to watch Los Angeles County-approved condom application-correct porn.




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26 11 2012
26 11 2012

I noted in one of my wrap-up posts a week or so ago that a burglary ring that targeted and got laptops from East St. Louis HS was caught red-handed. I said there that since the laptops were said to have “Property of ESL SD 189” on them, that that’s saying “rarely used,” which means they might be a really good buy on the black market.

26 11 2012

Are these going to be have 3G/4G access or WiFi only? If they’re WiFi only, they will most likely be worthless in a black neighborhood or house.

I go to the south suburbs once a month to do some shopping. The whole way back 4G Clearwire is generally as good on the train as it is in my office …. until we hit the black burbs …… then it is poor quality 3G all the way to 35th street where the 4G returns and the 3G gets solid. — Only use it on the way back because 5:15PM outbound is full.

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