Away With the “Manager”

26 11 2012

Vallejo, California

They say he’s 17 years old and worked there for only three months.  So why or how did he get promoted to “manager?”

Answer:  Because I suspect they don’t mean “manager” here in the way you and I think of the word.  You hear “manager” of a fast feeder and think of a middle aged white man with a big pot belly and a bald spot drowning in paperwork and stressing out over juggling the hours of the short-termer part time pimple-faced Beavis and Butt-Head teenage employees under his supervision.  I think in this case, they’re calling every hush puppy jockey a “manager,” for much the same reason why every Wal-Martinez employee is an “associate,” based on this self-esteem bullshit.  I figured this out implicitly a handful of years back when all of sudden more people, younger people and blacker people around here were all of a sudden calling themselves “restaurant managers.”

It’s just as bad in the white collar private or public bureaucracy.  Haven’t you noticed how many “deputy assistant (fill in the blank)” or “assistant deputy (fill in the blank)” people there are?  And if they can’t find a way to make a rookie janitor someone seemingly important, then they inflate his job title to “facilities engineer.”

And yes, in the case of this actual news story, my Hispanic radar is going off.




3 responses

26 11 2012
Alright Dan

You know, you’ve had some really great stories lately, and in them you link to some of your old posts, where in all of them you swing a pair of brass knuckles at the balls of stupid conventional wisdom.

I wish I had your brain.

What’s it like to be you?

26 11 2012

I’ve always had a pretty sharp mind when it comes to logic and common sense, though it got better with age. And I’ve always had a snarky sense of humor, but I’ve fine tuned it (i.e. toned it down) with age.

The element that bought it all together was getting older. I had to get older to get cynical enough, and I had to cross a certain threshold of cynicism for the world suddenly to make sense.

What’s it like to be me? The constant refrain goes through my head as I watch people and read about people: “I’m so much better than you, you oblivious clueless fuck bastards. Problem is, you’re so oblivious that you can’t even grok your own inferiority to me.” Or to put it another way: I’m already a legend in my own mind, but if my legendary status hasn’t penetrated the minds of other people, it’s their sad loss.

26 11 2012

In capital markets, everybody is a VP. Allows people to feel more comfortable with allowing them to handle their account and with the work they do.

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