Misandry, Or Accuracy?

26 11 2012

United Kingdom

I tend to think a lot of the “boy” or “man” or “male” crisis is basically code for black boys or men.  Therefore, I think the low grades that “boys” tend to get, they get them because they deserve them.




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28 11 2012

Wow. Did a lot of research on that didn’t you.
I was part of the educational system that casts boys aside. Thats not to say all boys fail. Most don’t. But its not just the ‘dumb’ boys who are failing. I myself very nearly failed. I was cast aside be my feminized school, accused of being disruptive and non compliant. Now I am an adult I realize I was cast aside as a basket case for challenging school curriculum. What sort of world are we devoloping when we are rewarding children for following along without giving there own input or insight?
Thankfully I was caught by my high school physics teacher who actually enjoyed me challenging her teaching. And I benifited. She helped me out of a slump. By the time I was in high school I considered myself a deadbeat student. The school didn’t care and niether did I. When I got my first exam back which had an A on the front I nearly fell off my lab chair – I wasn’t stupid after all. The feminized schools don’t like their authority or their teachings or methods challenged. Girls don’t tend to challenge teacher or relevence of certain subject matter. Boys do. When they do, they are marked down as disruptive. If he continues he ends up like me – diagnosed with ADD and drugged. I never had ADD.
Sadly my story isn’t unusual.
Worst of all is the way feminsm explains away this situation – ‘omg its the patriachy again’.
Madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
Feminism has blamed the patriachy for 40 years now and has not managed to improve society.

28 11 2012

You’re not telling me something I don’t already know.

My point is that the “boy crisis” is overblown because the “boy crisis” is a hobby horse of conservative race-denying neo-feminists.

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