Poor and Sore Winners

27 11 2012

Washington, D.C.

I’ve never seen a bunch of poorer or sorer winners than the left.

This is one of many examples, albeit an ostentatious one.

We were generally worried that a Romney win would bring out the unhinged kook left in full force, and a Romney win would mean an Obama loss, which would provoke black riots.  But for the riots, which there was no way we were going to get because Obama didn’t lose, turns out we need not have worried.  The kook left is even more unhinged than ever even though it won, and even though Republicans held the House, John Boehner is even more useless and feckless than he was 22 days ago.  What fell out of the design of Obama winning is that it also served to smoke out the anti-white bastards on the “conservative” GOPee side.




One response

28 11 2012

The way I figure, the more fruit and kook the left and the so-called right get on race, the more it’s going to give us permission to start barking.

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