Barnacles Need to Eat

28 11 2012

Barnacle Class

The barnacles get theirs whether the candidate wins or loses, and by “theirs,” I mean a share of what the candidate’s war chest spends on media buys and internal polling.  Ground game means nothing to the barnacle class because they can’t and don’t make any money from it.

Now you know why barnacles can’t let the notion get “out there” that candidates can win in spite of them, and always push the notion immediately after the election that a candidate lost because the candidate and the barnacles differed somehow and that the loss is entirely due to the candidate diverging from the barnacles.  That’s because being a good barnacle pays well, but it can’t pay well unless the candidate can raise a lot of money so that the barnacles can leech off of it.  Why do you think the barnacles are all dancing over the political corpse of Richard Mourdock?  Because Richard Lugar had a lot of money to pay barnacles, and Lugar’s primary defeat borked a steady stream of money for barnacles.

UPDATE 11/29

For the first time in a very long time, there has been something written by Assrick Assholrickson in Crud State that was worth reading.  What does it mean?  It means that the next time I’m in Northern Virginia, if I’m ever there again, I’ll go by 66 Canal Center Plaza in Alexandria and give a drive-by middle finger to the fifth floor.  Then yell out the window, “I’m doing this for Todd!”




2 responses

30 01 2013
Mark Tenney

Extra Perks Coffee Shop is there and very good.

30 01 2013
Mark Tenney

Thanks for the info on that location. I had not realized I ate lunch so close to the center of the GOPgarchy.

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