Halfway Between Forty and Fifty

29 11 2012

Talk Radio

The last caller Rush took on his show today, a few minutes ago in fact, was from a self-admitted 45-year old man from California.  That much he said, but he definitely sounded white.

He told Rush that he just now figured out in life that money isn’t free, and this epiphany largely came from reading a Glenn Beck book.

Oh.  My.  GOD.

I mean, 45 is halfway between 40 and 50.  It’s almost old!  Meanwhile, I figured that out at the age of 16 just by reading this book.

The man presumably had thirteen years of elementary, middle and secondary public education.  Couldn’t it have worked in this lesson somewhere in between the condom and sex ed lessons?

And it’s not as if I have the highest opinion in the world of Glenn Beck.  Yet, middle aged white men are openly admitting that it takes something he wrote to open their eyes to fundamental life lessons that teenagers should grok.

We.  Are.  DOOMED.




2 responses

30 11 2012


30 11 2012

Really, you don’t need to read Friedman, Beck, or anyone. It ought to be common sense that the average person can absorb from the ether.

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