Dinner Tab

30 11 2012

Linguistic linguine time.

This media line that football quarterbacks or running backs use that they’re “going to take everyone on the offensive line out to dinner” is getting a little tiresome.  Why not take the tight ends and wide receivers out to dinner, too?  Preventing points is just as good as scoring points, so you might as well take every defensive starter out to dinner, too.

The high school football championships in Missouri are held at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  You might think that it presents an unfair geographic advantage to St. Louis teams, but you wouldn’t know it from the past handful of years.  Yes, there might be an advantage of holding them in the middle of the state (Faurot Field, University of Missouri at Columbia, did host them for a long time) or in platooning with Arrowhead Stadium in KC.  But there’s also the meteorological question — Who wants to be outdoors in late November when you can just as well be inside a climate-controlled dome?  I can assure you if you’re visiting St. Louis right now that late November and early December weather around here is rarely this good.

Anyway, the feature running back from one of the winning teams last week told a local sports crew…yep…he was taking his whole O-Line out to dinner.  I’d like to know with what money — I doubt high school varsity starting feature running back pays well — And he better realize that five really big weighty late adolescent aged young men are going to run up quite a big bill if the restaurant is some place other than where patrons hear, “Would you like fries with that?”

Mr. Running Back is going to go to college, not taking his O-Line out to dinner.  He can’t afford both.




One response

30 11 2012

Of course he didn’t literally mean it. It’s just another stupid sports bromide that he learned from watching ESPN, so when he got a camera shoved in front of his face, he spouted what he himself heard spouted by others. People saying what they think sounds clever to people who think what they hear is clever is the order of the day for everything.

What can really be said in that situation? “We won, they lost.” Which of course we could have deduced from the final score.

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