JoAmnesty Quitting

3 12 2012

Cape Girardeau

It will set up the first real acid test election in the Obama 2.0 Era.  However, it is highly doubtful that Republicans will lose it.

Smoke filled rooms will pick the party nominees, and all the CW chatter seems to be around Peter Kindercare, that it’s his for the asking.  Maybe he would take two terms in Congress over remaining as Lieutenant Governor, as a way maybe to get himself out of the state to try to launder the memory of the Bimbo Eruption away with an actual Congressional voting record as he prepares to run for Governor in 2016.  Other names I’m hearing are various State Reps and Senators, former House Speaker Steve Tilley, and also Sarah Steelman, who might be given the nod as a way of saying “it should have been you instead of Todd.”

Jo Ann Emerson is amnesty and open borders all the way.  Unfortunately, there’s a good chance of the person that the smoke filled room choosing being just as bad.




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