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3 12 2012


There was a time in this space when I did cite a certain black sports columnist whose home paper is the Star in a laudatory verve, because I thought he was one of the few blacks who had a lick of sense.

Not only do I not think any longer that he has any sense, and has recently and as late as today exposed himself as the typical unhinged wacko black kook that he probably was all along, I’m not even going to state his name anymore, because I think he’s running his mouth saying a bunch of stupid shit just to get publicity, in the wake of Jovan Belcher murdering his girlfriend (as a result of ‘Roid Rage, IMHO).  I’m not good at a lot of things, but I think I have become adept at recognizing purely publicity-seeking behavior and not rewarding it in earnest.  Note that you have not yet read the actual name of the Nutbars of Tucson, Aurora, or Norway in this blog, and you never will at least from me, and I will edit or delete any comments that names them.

The Nutbar of Kansas City is now saying that NRA = KKK, which is involved in a vast conspiracy to truck in drugs and guns to ghettos in the hopes that black people kill each other.  If the NRA/KKK trucked all those drugs and guns to my house, who would I kill?  It would be as easy for me to defeat the vast conspiracy of the NRAKKK with a two-letter word that starts with “n” and ends with “o.”  Or simply refusing in my mind to murder anyone with all my new guns and refusing to snort, smoke or inject the poison into my body.

This was about the reaction I had to the news that the CIA was involved with crack trafficking. (*)  Defeating a CIA conspiracy was as easy as people refusing to use crack.  In fact, it was so easy to defeat this CIA conspiracy that by law you’re required to do that which defeats it!  I also had a similar reaction with Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious,” which, for those of you new here, I use “Gunrunner” instead of “F&F” because F&F is the title of a movie and therefore misleads people) — If all the “walked” guns would have been “walked” to my front door, exactly zero new violent crimes would have occurred for it.

Racial differences and HBD cannot be ignored here.  Ironically, I’m not making a big deal of race in the Belcher murder because, while the roach motel nature of relationships with black men is TNB, black men having enough shame to commit suicide after committing murder is atypical for them.

(*) – I’m also on record as saying that if the CIA did finance its secret black hat black suitcase budget on the backs of black crack addicts, that I was fine it it in that most blacks bought their crack with welfare checks, and I would have rather had the Feds recoup its own welfare money to fund secret CIA budgets than hide it behind supposed $700 screwdrivers for the military.  I can refuse to buy crack, but I can’t refuse to pay Federal taxes.




5 responses

3 12 2012

This is good but you should have named the writer :-)

3 12 2012

Publicity seeking wackos don’t deserve publicity.

3 12 2012

You can dress ’em up, but you can never really take ’em to town.

Rare is the one that won’t let his or her mind drift into these bullshit conspiracy theories, because their wee liddle minds will never accept the simple explanation of racial differences. Let me say it this way. Your mind isn’t going to do anything but entertain and eventually embrace these kind of conspiracy theories because you can never bash your own race by accepting its essential inferiority. Aside from the fact that you’re right in that this person who you will never name again who writes from the K.C. Star is deliberately being provocative to draw attention to himself (another TNB trait).

3 12 2012

See the Bob Costas rant on SNF (I saw it on the news this evening)?

3 12 2012

Of course I saw it. Bob Costas, a current but not native St. Louisan, ranting on the halftime of SNF guaranteed that 90% of all boys and men in America older than the age of 7 saw it. BTW why were the Philadelphia F’n Eagles slotted in a prime time game almost every damned week this season?

That’s what inspired Costas to rant, the initial column by the forever-to-be-unnamed dork from the Kansas City Star.

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