Two More Letters Rise Tall

3 12 2012


The official acronym is now LGBTQMIAPD.

The two new members of the catch-all acronym that refers to anyone who is not a pair-bonding heterosexual are “P” and “D.”  “P” is for “Pansexual,” which is someone who is romantically attracted to anyone of any orientation or any real or perceived or self-adopted gender.  It’s a wider net than plain ole regular Bisexuality because bisexuals aren’t attracted to transgender/transsexual individuals, only to people whose chosen gender identity is the same as their biological identity.  “D” is for “Demisexual,” a halfway point between a normal person with normal sexual urges and Asexual (hence the “A”) in this acronym, basically someone whose libido is so lethargic that he/she/heshe/it really has to get into someone before wanting sexual intercourse.  Demisexuals can seem to be heterosexual, but they can also be someone whose proclivities are covered by The Great Acronym.

It has been the great ambition of the community of alternate orientation to go for the Holy Grail — An acronym that involves every letter of the alphabet.  Ten down and sixteen to go.




One response

3 12 2012

‘Deviant’ is shorter, easier to remember and it’s been around a while.

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