Adele’s Christmas Album

9 12 2012

Title:  It’ll Be a Better Christmas Without You (H/T RJP)


1.  It’ll Be a Better Christmas Without You (Title Track)
2.  Ho Ho Ho, I Caught My Man With a Ho
3.  It’s Christmas Morning, So Why Is Your Shit Still In My House?
4.  I Saw My Boyfriend Humping Daughter Claus
5.  All I Want For Christmas Is For the Locksmith To Get Here Soon
6.  Santa Baby (I Want Revenge Sex)
7.  Have Yourself a Jerkoff Little Christmas (Cause You’re Not Getting Any More From Me)
8.  I Saw Three Drunks
9.  The Little Prepubescent Sandusky Jail Bait Drummer Boy
10.  Hark Now Hear the Other Woman Sing
11.  Frostette the Snow Bitch (Was Another Skank In Your Life)
12.  BONUS TRACK:  Hitler Finds out Adele Cut a Christmas Album




One response

9 12 2012

The over-played “Last Christmas” by Wham is the perfect song for this album, but Wham already got to it.

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