Sunday Wrap-Up

9 12 2012

For those of you new here, I usually do these “Wrap-Up” posts on Sundays (and occasionally on other days) when I want to deal with news and URLs in my hopper that aren’t interesting enough to justify their own blog posts by themselves.  In case the banner at the top of this blog is lost on you, “local and regional” in the parlance of this medium is St. Louis, most of Missouri and southern Illinois.


*  Rent-to-own joints are the places that offer you last year’s merchandise at next year’s prices and 1981’s interest rates.  Well, someone took a more direct and less usurious, albeit very felonious, route to ownership.

Blogmeister’s Axiom #7 come to life, again.

In the wrong hands (guess who), a brick is a dangerous weapon.  Looks like the city cops will have to start in on the undercover pizza squad — And wear helmets. UPDATE 12/11: Doers bagged.

They obviously can’t say much, but at least we could have been given a hint where in the metro area she was held captive.  This reporter isn’t non-white enough to use that as a hint by itself.


Unfortunately, Rahm might be right sooner or later, only because America is becoming more and more like Chicago.

“The way it was done was outrageous,” Herrera said. “Having a 15-year-old boy have to have a woman – an older woman – watch him with his pants down, while he is touched by another man. I think is horribly humiliating and embarrassing.”

No, it’s the Era of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Get used to it, kiddo.  Otherwise, you’re *-phobic.

*  Chicago is supposed to be so progressive, yet it seems to be at the dead epicenter of wrongly-prosecuted scandals.  Including the death penalty cases which ultimately resulted in capital punishment being done away with in Illinois.


Obama hearts Christmas trees, but the kinds of judges he appoints are field generals in the War on Christmas.

*  The flea market owner, wisely so it seemed, refused to sell firearms to these future scholars, not realizing that they already had one.

*  Did I say the GOP and the TPM were divorcing in 2013?  It’s more like Boehner is throwing TPers out and changing the locks.

*  Uh, yeah, it’s called affordable family formation, and now it’s damned near impossible for native born white Americans in California.

Yet, there are STILL dopes who think that the problem is that houses aren’t expensive enough.  Even scarier is that those dopes run things.

They can’t even take disses against their wheelchairs.

Of course it was a publicity stunt.  What of most politicians isn’t?  You really think politician who spends the night on the streets in solidarity with the homeless sleeps on the streets all night?  Naw, his ass is lone gone when the last TV camera is.

*  Finally, somoene’s autopsy of the Romney campaign was “medically” accurate.

More accuracy.  Netting this out, there just weren’t enough white people who could tell a black person “no,” and take something away from him and give it to a white person.

This isn’t hard, there are no other issues, the district is scared of the ACLU.

To me, the retort is as simple as “nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

*  A number of years back, when a Northern Virginia county passed a county ordinance prohibiting more than a certain number of people from sleeping in the kitchen of a residential domicile, I thought it was a matter of jerks with too much time on their hands deliberately trying to get themselves into the website.  Then I read further down in the article and saw that the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was bitching about it, then I knew the time of day.  It all had to do with immigration and Hispanics propensity to cram jam into a house.

This might be something similar — A Long Island village wants to prohibit outdoor clothes lines.  I think this has Hispanic or immigration written all over it.

In Detroit, it’s not easy being LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  I have news for them — Thanks to black crime, it’s not easy being anything in Detroit.

I have mixed feelings about GZ’s lawsuit.  The part of me that isn’t going “Rah Rah George” isn’t doing that because if he wins, it’s legitimzing the “power” of the “accusation” of “racism,” a word which really ought to go away.  IOW, I’d rather GZ say “Racism Schmacism” than sue NBC.

Usually, these kinds of people do get citizenship.  Aside from everything else that went wrong or could have gone wrong, the fact that he was denied is probably a miracle.

It’s called gentrification, not evolution.  And it’s not so much the blacks are moving out willingly in as much as it is that they’re being pushed out because Section 8 is being phased out in D.C. and implemented in P.G. County.

Charlie Crist just became a Democrat, i.e. he stopped lying.

They tell us that one side of the brawl involved Micronesian immigrants, but they don’t tell us who was on the other side.  Was it native Hawaiians?  Orientals?  Whites?  Blacks?  Choom Gangers?

The whole thing started when the black supervisor asked one of his white underlings to climb up a telephone poll and cut down a pair of athletic shoes that were tied together and dangling from a wire.  I see that fairly often in St. Louis — And I wonder, how do they get up there long enough to hang the shoes in those weird places while nobody’s looking, and why is it done?  Is it some sort of territorial/gang marker or some R.I.P. Gang Banger memorial or taunting on behalf of one gang that we took out a member of a rival gang?

There’s a mosque alright, but no community center.  So what do we have?  Just another lying Taqqiya-slinging Muslim.  What a shock.  Next thing you know, they’ll tell us that Democrats promise tax increases and spending cuts, but never cut spending, or promise immigration amnesty and border control, but never control the border.


Christopher Jones must not realize, blacks “own” that word, and that we’re all nothing but pea green jealous that they do.

Simple as this:  Of course they don’t have to beat their own meat or bang each other’s butts, because their wives will put out anytime they want.


Why bother?  Any boy that wants an easy bake oven as a boy isn’t probably going to mind the feminine color anyway, because he’s clearly headed to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH City as an adult.

Don’t celebrate yet.  The plant might be here, but AAPL will find a way to import cheap scab non-white labor using legal immigrant visas.  Plain words, nobody who looks like they could be related to me will be working there.

On the other hand, if they’re making Mac laptops, it might behoove a cold weather state to do whatever it can to get AAPL to build this plant in that state, because all that heat will be a nice warming influence in the winter.




2 responses

10 12 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

The shoes on the telephone wires started, I believe, here in LA. Urban myth has it that it was to identify the locations of crack houses or where heroin was being sold (this was about a decade ago). Apparently the shoes are thrown until they hang correctly, this is an “art” according what I heard from the gang detail.

There was such an uproar from “communities of color” that the (idiot, low IQd) mayor of LA spent untold $$ the city doesn’t have (what does HE care) to have the DWP go around and cut down the shoes. I read that it took forever and involved a lot of equipment and man power –and the shoes kept being thrown up in response. Money is no object for the Section 8 community of choice.

I don’t see shoes on wires as often as I used to, and not in the Latrino community at all. I think the fad has moved east.


10 12 2012

OTOH, the low this morning in the eastern half of North Dakota was under -10, under -15 in some spots. You don’t think that Bismarck or Fargo or Grand Forks would love to have a building cranking out those Mac laptops like hotcakes, and all that heat from the Mac laptops would keep the area nice and warm?

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