Dumber Than Blacks

10 12 2012


Let me paint you a mental picture.

You’re just getting home from work.  You pull up into your driveway, and you see all your worldly possessions on your front lawn, but nothing belonging to your wife.  You also see a man doodling around with the lock on your front door.

Guess what it all means.

Yeah, she’s throwing you out of the house, because the marriage is over.

No use trying to ride a dead horse.

It’s perfectly obvious that this astroturf “study” is to be taken as the metaphorical locksmith doodling around with the front door to your stuff on the lawn as Boehner purging TPM Congress/wo/men from important committees.

The median IQ of black Americans is 85.  If Fox News viewers have a median IQ of 80, it means they’re dumber than blacks.  Therefore, I ask thee:

1.  Which seems dumber and more mind-numbing?  FNC or BET?

2.  The Million Man March in 1995 and the famous Labor Day 2009 Tea Party Mega-Rally (the one which introduced the world to the George Washington WTF posters) both took place in Washington, D.C.  Which event left more trash behind?  Which event goers left the ground on which they did trod as clean or cleaner than before they came?




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